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The Vault: Incubation Accelerator

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Attend the International Women Build Confidence Conference and Deep Dive with the #PersistenceGuru

Dr. Allana wants to help you Kickstart your personal and professional goals this year. More importantly, we have a deep dive experience that is intimate, welcoming and supportive. Unlock the Incubation Accelerator package today! The Incubation Accelerator is a new experience that Turning On the Lights Global Institute has created for high level leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals to elevate strategy in goal attainment. When You join the Accelerator you will have access to a number of digital coaching experiences that will help you WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN and get clear about your GOALS.

Let's Stay In Motion and Pivot During This Time!

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I understand what it is like to feel overwhelmed with life responsibilities. As women and individuals we can feel the weight of personal obligations and forget to take time to get clear about our goals. If you are a leader, womenpreneur, women in transition or individual ready to lead your best life, this Upgrad My Life Vault will allow you to:

  1. Get clear about why taking care of yourself is important for personal success.
  2. Identify the obstacles that have been holding you back
  3. Provide you with Action steps that you can take immediately to jumpstart your goals
  4. Provide you with a unique tribe of other power house leaders!

Upgrade My Life Experience in 30 Days and Action Calendar Score-Card

(February 1 Start)

As women and individuals we can feel the weight of personal obligations and forget to take time to get clear about our goals. If you are a leader, womenpreneur, women in transition or individual ready to lead your best life, this course is for you.

[$997 Value]

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Kickstart Your Biz In The Midst of a Pandemic Master Training with Dr. D


Don't wait to pivot during this pandmic. Learn how to create digital products to leverage sales in your business. Elevate your communication strategy in this mini course.

#IWBCC Winter Conference 2021

Attend the 3rd International Women Build Confidence Conference. #IWBCC is our signature program for th Women Build Confidence Coaching experience. Meet with thought leaders, and newpreneurs who are ready to transform lives as leaders.

Leave the Imposter Syndrome and reach your personal and professional goals. Meet with 20 thought leaders, entrepreneurs and leaders across industries over a 3-day period.

[$1500 Value]

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Incubation Accelerator Part I Only

[$1997 Value]

Discover my ClICK system for converting online fans into consumers. No product? No problem. No experience? Not an issue. I share my step-by-step process for making your fans your happiest customers. Sneak peak into the new Edupreneur Course we have for digital course creation.

Join my #IWBCC™ Inner Circle Tribe

In 2021 we want to create and build a community where our clients and constituents have opportunities to be (1) mentored, (2) challenged and (3) nurtured to meet the demands of these pressing times. You will be invited to 12 meetings throughout the year! Make connections, grow your network and elevate your goals.

[$197 Value]

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This is all yours today for $499!


Access to New Courses for 2021

Enrollment is open for our 2021 Digital Courses. Access new courses and unlock thousands of dollars in savings when you enroll today.

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Here's How To Get Instant Access

Once purchase is made, you will be registered in all of the 2021 virtual experiences. Our success team will email you all enrollment information to access specified trainings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't have any social media experience?

You don’t have to be good on social media to make this work for you. In fact, you don’t even have to be on camera if you don’t want to. Inside our virtual experience, I’ll show you everything you need to know to see success in a manner that is authentic for you!

I am not an entrepreneur

No problem! That’s why we are showing professionals how to increase their earning power by pivoting in these challenging times. We will highlight how to use new media to enhance your profile.

I don't feel comfortable in large Zoom meetings

Don’t worry, it’s not difficult at all. We will show you everything that you need to know. In less than a few hours, you’ll have your video scripted, filmed, edited and ready to start generating sales into your business.

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